Eleven Essential Elements to Elevate Your Business Plan

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Our Four Core Keys to Success

About Us

Focused financials

If you don’t know your numbers, if you can’t count your costs, you are losing vital insight into the success of your business.

Conscious culture

Mission, Vision, Purpose, Passion – a conscious culture in business leads to company growth and community wellness.

tactical technology

Technology in business needs to be tactical – able to pivot as new innovations come out.  Technology is our tool set for agility.

clear communications

If you can’t explain the why, internally, externally, among all tiers and hierarchies you lose your competitive edge.


Recent Customer Reviews

“Hold on to hope, believe in yourself you will never know unless you try. “
Thank you to Kat Roedell of Stonehouse Consulting Group, LLC she is an amazing, strategic business consultant and project manager. She is compassionate, honest and a extremely smart business woman! She has been a blessing to me and my business! If you are looking for more ways to make your business shine contact Kat at https://www.stonehousecg.com/about-us/ 🙂

Alisa Marie

“The creativity of Kat with Stone House Consulting has been a life saver for my business. Anytime I’m implementing something new, or revamping my ‘old’ systems she is able to offer insights and recommendations that I would never have thought of. Having that second set of eyes on a project can really open up the possibilities. I can’t imagine owning/operating/managing and doing everything else I do for my business without Kat’s help.”


Dr. Jackie Frobese